Egely Wheel

Egely Wheel Vitality Meter


You can check, measure and increase your own life energy level with this device. It is very simple to use. The device has won many international invention awards.

“This device is probably the most serious toy or the most playful serious thing you have ever met.”

The Egely Wheel Vitality Meter is the result of many years of intense scientific development. Although the basic of the phenomenon are not yet fully understood, extensive control experiments have proven that the rotation of the wheel during measurement is not driven by heat, convection, or electromagnetic energy. The inventor and designer, Dr. George Egely, is a trained scientist who was employed for many years by the Atomic Energy Researc Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He is an expert in the field of energy transport processes.

The Egely Wheel comes in an attractive wooden box together with an extensive 84-page booklet of instructions on how to use it, ideas for improving our vitality level and the historical and scientific background of the measurement.

Price: 279 USD

Egely Wheel Vitality Indicator


The Egely Wheel® Vitality Indicator, a lightweight, portable tool convinces you that you are able to move an object, rotate this wheel, with your willpower without touching it, shows you the distance from which you are able to influence this movement, helps you to improve your ability to concentrate, teaches you how to mobilize your energies, helps you to harmonize your brain hemispheres if you rotate two wheels simultaneously, one with each hand, helps you to learn how to direct your energy flow, how to influence the direction of the rotation of the wheel at wish, helps you to relax (if you are uptight it will not rotate), reveals your body/life energy while you entertain yourself, makes you conscious of your mental power.

Available in four colours: red, black, yellow (gold) and grey (silver)

It comes in an attractive red paper box.

Price: 89 USD

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