How to control and develop your psychic power?

How to control and develop your psychic power?

How can you put one of your hands around the vitality meter?

Instructions for use

This device is probably the most serious toy or the most playful serious thing you have ever seen. You can measure and increase your own life energy level. It is very simple to use, you can try it right now without even going through all the instructions.

1. Take off the transparent plastic cover. (First move it a little by pressing it down slightly with your thumb above the “EGELY WHEEL” inscription, then lift it carefully so as not to hurt the sensitive bearing of the wheel.)

2. Turn on the device with the switch on the left side. (In the middle position only the LEDs will indicate the rotation number of the wheel. If you move the switch further up, a beeping sound will also be heard.)

3. Put one of your hands around the vitality meter as you see on the pictures above. Try to surround it with your fingers and palm as much as possible. You can touch the device, but be careful not to touch the wheel.

4. Tighten your fingers slightly, relax and concentrate. The sensor wheel will start to rotate with a speed corresponding to your energy level. The electronic indicator will show your vitality level. One LED shows the maximum value you have reached since the beginning of the measurement, the other LEDs show the momentary rotation number of the wheel.

After trying it for a few minutes, you will notice that by using your willpower and being in a different state of mind you can influence the speed of the rotating wheel. It will change directions as you try it with each hand separately. Of course, to understand more precisely what is being measured it is useful to read the instructions. But first, it’s worth trying the machine and playing with it for a while.

What is the device used for?

The energy of life has been known for a long time by many cultures of the world but its physics and its features even nowadays are practically unknown and unexplained. One of the aims of this device is that anybody can measure his/her own life energy, or vitality level which affects his/her state of health. Just for now this is the most important factor to us. The energy of life, or vitality, is the “fuel” of our organism and it can lead to serious illnesses if someone has a decreased level of it for a long period of time. On the other hand, the person whose bioenergy or vitality level is much higher than the average, is able to provide significant physical and mental performance for a long time. His/her endurance and stamina levels are above average. By using this device, everybody can check, measure and increase his/her own level of vitality in a most suitable way. This way also, dangerous periods can be felt and avoided in advance. The device helps to prevent illnesses and to make our health better according to our own personality and way of life. If you measure your vitality level regularly, it gives you a valuable personal guidance for your lifestyle: it helps to determine how much sport gives you an optimum vitality level, what sort of food is the best for you, whether have you got enough trace elements in your body, or if your sleeping pattern the best for you.

Usage of the device

The vitality meter should be used as shown above. Care should be taken to place the device only on a horizontal base or table, otherwise, it doesn’t function well because the sensor wheel could get caught in the mechanism. If possible, use it only at room temperature. In cold or extremely hot weather, wrong results can be measured. Do not use it in drafty rooms as this can disturb the measuring procedure by turning the wheel without detection or measurement of your bioenergy. Strong light, e. g. sunshine or reading lamp, might disturb the electronic indicator.

The simplest bioenergy or vitality measuring can be done with our hands. Put one of your hands firmly around the device as seen above, tighten your fingers and muscles slightly. Bend your wrist as much as possible. Concentrate for a while and about 30-60 seconds later the wheel will start to rotate, generally in the directions of the fingers. For some, especially for left-handers, it can work the other way around in which case turning in the opposite direction from the fingers will occur.

After a short study we will feel that we can change the revolution number in accordance with our state of mind. It is best to make the first attempts alone without any interference.

We can see then that the revolution number of the wheel is greatly dependent on our fitness and concentrating abilities and always reflecting our present condition. Early in the morning, just after waking up or just before going to sleep, or when we are tired the revolution number and the value of our vitality is low. The greatest values usually can be expected to be measured during the morning period or early in the afternoon. It is very important to find and learn in which mental state you can reach the maximum value of revolution numbers. (We are always interested in this maximum value. It’s like weight-lifting where the maximum value of weights you lift shows your capability.) This state can be achieved in between complete relaxation and intensive concentration, in a relatively narrow range. The easiest way to reach this state of mind, which is similar to a meditational state, is if we think about our favourite music or imagine an activity that we would be happy and relieved to do. This is the mental state where our body functions best, and where our problems do not interfere. This is when the greatest energy is generated in us and it shows up clearly in the results. It’s worth trying it with both hands separately. Usually we’ll experience that the outcome is different, some will find that the revolution number will be higher by trying it with the right hand and others will get higher results by using their left hand.

Don’t make measurements too many times and for extended periods of time, vecause it may exhaust you (2-3 times a day for 10-15 minutes at most).

The measured value is called VQ, vitality quotient. This is a comparison value which shows how our actual bioenergy, or vitality level is in comparison with the average. Unlike the intelligence quotient, IQ, where there isn’t a great difference between two people (even the measures are not exact), the vitality quotient can be measured objectively and differences can vary greatly. In some cases, the intelligence quotient can be influenced to be different for the same person. Tiredness or nervousness could make the results worse, but experiences show that by listening to pleasant music, the level of IQ might increase. Even more factors can influence the VQ level. (We will return to this in more detail later.) The table underneath shows the evaluation and the comparisons of the vitality quotients at our best form, maximum performance.


Maximum revolution number/min. Meanings and comments VQ value vitality level (%) Color of the LEDs. Tone
0-2 Very low, must be improved 0-30 Red Deep
2-4 Low vitality worth improving 30-60 Red Deep
4-5 Still under average 60-100 Red Deep
6 Average level 100 Yellow Deep
6-12 Good, healthy level 100-200 Yellow Deep
13-24 Outstandingly high level above 200 Green High
above 24 Exceptional talent above 400* Green High


*can’t be measured on this device
These values are the results of the analysis of measurements carried out on more than a thousand people.


Period of incubation of illnesses, nervousness, worries or tiredness, weather fronts, cold weather or great heat strongly decrease the vitality level. But, when these are over, the level should become normal again. The above values correspond to people between the ages 14-60. Large differences could occur depending on your build, mentality and life habits.

Measuring the vitality can be done not only close to the hands (although that is the simplest and the most practical method) but also at the elbows, knees, legs or above the head. This device is only able to detect vitality from a short distance in most cases. But people having exceptional abilities can measure their VQ level even from a distance of some 10 cms. It’s enough in these cases if someone looks at the device or “shoots” energy with the fingers towards it and the wheel will start to rotate. This can be achieved by only a few people. (Another device will be developed to measure distant effects which will be a much more complicated one, but simple to use.)

Summarizing the above we can say that the vitality quotient is our vitality value in comparison to the average value. The tests made on more than a thousand people show that the average value is around 6 revolutions/minute. This is what we consider the average persons’ vitality level and this is when we say that somebody’s vitality is a 100%. The vitality quotient shows the difference from the average, so if somebody’s vitality quotient is 150% that means that the measured revolution number is 6×1.5 that equals 9 which is already a value above the average. On the other hand, if someone’s vitality quotient is 50% the revolution number is 6×0.5, which equals 3 and this, unfortunately, is under the average. Of course, it is also interesting to measure how long this level can be kept by the individual, because it happens many times that although someone reaches a very high score, he/she will then get tired or, exhausted very quickly. Some people are able to hold a middle or a high vitality level, i. e. revolution number, for a very long time, even for half an hour. But, be careful not to measure yourself for a very long time, because it may exhaust you.

It’s not our aim that someone should make measurements very often or all the time with this device, because this can be tiring. The main aim of the device is to offer help in making changes in our life, that will increase our vitality level substantially and help us to be healthier and more competitive. It’s not a big trouble if our VQ level falls under 100% for a few weeks. We could be healthy still. It warns us take care of our health and to do as much as we can to bring our vitality at least up to the average level again.

In the following, we will summarize how the vitality can be increased and what effects make it increase or decrease.

How can the vitality be increased?

Let us see, in a nutshell, the most important factors that are affecting the level of our vitality, energy, productivity and competitiveness.


Probably the most important and simplest factor although only a few people know and appreciate the real importance of sleeping. Not only the number of hours we spend sleeping is important, but also when we sleep. The measurements we made so far have confirmed the old rule that the most useful is to start sleeping at 9 o’clock at night, or 10 o’clock at the latest, i.e. in the summer when the sun goes down. If we follow this natural ancient rhythm, the habit built into our organism during many hundreds of thousands of years will favourably affect our life. We will be able to rest much more efficiently than if we had started our sleep after midnight and continued to sleep during the day. This natural sleeping rhythm is much more restful and replenishing. The simplest way to improve our vitality level is by re-establishing our resting periods, so it’s worth starting with this.

Relaxing exercises

Another very important factor is to learn and use relaxation methods. Very old methods are available to replenish ourselves. The most ancient method may be Indian yoga, but in the Far-East in China methods have also been discovered which replenish us with the combination of breathing and special exercises like Chi-Kung. It’s important that after a short period of time we learn how we can bring ourselves into a stress-free status and through this fill our body with energy. This can be done in a very short time, even in few minutes. (Numerous detailed books, descriptions can be found about breathing techniques and meditational states). Medical science or psychology nowadays can separate some functional phases of the brain. On EEG measurements the name of alpha state is used to indicate the mental state of relaxation and energy replenishment. This roughly means that 10-11 Hertz of frequency can be detected in our brain if we examine its electric activity. You can learn how to reach this mental state. For example, a simple easy-to-learn method is Silva’s Mind Control. The ideal method could probably be a kind of combination of the mental and breathing techniques and according to our experiences this is the quickest way to replenish. This is the reason why even our posture will make a difference. It is very important to sit with a straight back so that our lungs can fill up with oxygen and allow our oxygen supply to be perfect. Hollow chests, stooping figure will make breathing and oxygen metabolism much more difficult and this will lead to low vitality level.


Sports are another type of relaxation and breathing exercise. We’re also able to improve our vitality level by playing sports. It is important to know, though, that it is not useful all the time or to any extent. We are able to measure at what limit sports will recharge us, and over what extent it will be too tiring, where it decreases the vitality level dangerously by overdoing exercises. Ideal sports are: swimming, reasonable gymnastics, jogging, or tennis if it is done in fresh air.

The above viewpoints have considered the mental techniques and oxygen metabolism, so let us now examine other factors, or circumstances that are effecting our vitality values. A majority of it will depend on our eating and drinking habits.


It is best if you check whether you are getting the right quantity of vitamins. The best way to do this is eating many row fruits and vegetables. Only use artificial products if you are unable to get natural food. Many vitamin supplements are available, you can try and see if your vitality level increases after the intake. Sometimes the lack of one or two vitamins can significantly lower your VQ level which is the easiest to recover by taking these vitamins.

Trace elements

The following problem of nutrition is much more complicated but very important. The question is how to insure the proper supply of trace elements. In our body there are more than twenty thousand enzymes which regenerate our body and help our metabolism. The enzymes are indispensable parts of the process that breaks down food. They use very important trace elements in relatively small quantities to function.

In our food, we usually receive enough of the six main building bio-elements (hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, sodium, and potassium). There is a much greater problem in receiving and integrating the five auxiliary bio-elements (iron, magnesium, calcium, natrium, kalium). Illnesses can occur, for example, an iron deficiency which is quite frequent. Most of all the supply of bio trace elements can be a problem. Modern agriculture produces plants that lack the proper amount of trace elements that our bodies require. Being in favour of quantity rather than quality we receive enough nourishment in quantity, but loose out in trace elements. Industrial environmental pollution destroys our enzymes even if there were enough trace elements in our food. The heavy metals prevent trace elements to build in our body due to this, they are extremely dangerous. It’s not enough just to receive the right amount of trace elements but it’s also important in what kind of chemical bonds they enter our body. It is by no means all the same how many valences they have and in what compound they are built in.

Unfortunately, our present-day technical civilization produces extremely harmful substances that could end up in our body blocking and making impossible the utilization of important trace elements. As we have already mentioned the enzymes can only function properly if the right quantity (18) and quality of trace elements such as silicon, manganese, cobalt, copper, zinc, selenium, bromine, iodine, bismuth, etc. are available in our body.

But, some heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and cadmium prevent the above-mentioned trace elements from incorporating into in our bodies. They cause disorders in the metabolism and the synthesis of protein doesn’t function. So, the build up of lead in our blood decreases the supply of oxygen, and it can cause permanent damage. It is very important to have enough supply of trace elements and vitamins especially for people who live in cities and in an industrial environment because of the air and soil pollution which cause our body to receive too much heavy metals. Unfortunately, in today’s vegetables the quantity of heavy metals has increased dramatically. The thermal power stations have polluted the soil in many areas with acid in which case the right amount and right combination of trace elements can not be absorbed in the plants.

Therefore, if our VQ level is less than 100% for a long time, we have to try more trace element supplements for a longer period of time. This will allow the storage of trace elements to refill, and our enzymes and protein synthesis will improve. The quality of our enzymes is extremely important for our body’s immune system. The stronger our immune system is, the higher our vitality level will be. We have experienced, during the tests, that people living in big cities and suffering iron deficiency or anemia, had their vitality level often around 50%, but with a proper and successful trace element therapy within a few weeks it rose above the level of 100%.

Good supply of vitamins are also important during a temporary vitamin deficiency. The best results can be achieved by a good supply of vitamin C. Vitamin C deficiency can be resolved within a few days and this can result in 20-30% increase in the VQ level. There isn’t a uniform dose to suit everyone, we have to experiment with ourselves to tell which is the best daily dose. It depends on the pollution of our area, on our lifestyle, work load, and eating habits.


Many argue about how much our eating habits influence the vitality level, and where should we draw the line, for example: is the vegetarian lifestyle right? Many people say eating meat damages our health. Other nutrition experts say only the fat in the meat is bad for our health and that you should only avoid becoming fat.

Measurements did not show that eating meat itself would damage your health or decrease your vitality level. But it’s true that during digestion of meat the vitality level is low due to the fact that it’s more difficult to digest meat and fatty food than vegetables. Vegetarian food can be digested easier and more quickly and it could have a higher vitamin content. But, we also have a trap here, and that is if the plants are cultivated in a polluted area. Their lead content can be extremely high which can be very harmful to our bodies. In practice we can not protect ourselves against this, because it’s not written on a carrot or broccoli that it contains heavy metals. So, the only solution is to measure our vitality level and try to buy fruit or vegetables from a shop where there isn’t factory pollution, a highway, or mines nearby where heavy metals pollute the soil. Vegetarians, furthermore, should take care that they get plenty of iron in their food but this is difficult unless they take extra trace element supplements.

Ion level

This problem doesn’t affect many people, but we should pay attention to the ion concentration in the air. People working in front of computers breath in air which contains a lot of positive ions, and this is not healthy. Today we can buy many types of ionisators. Also we should let fresh air into the room in order to increase the concentration of negative ions to a healthier level.

Disturbance zones

Thousands of years of experience show that on our Earth there can be zones that are quite dangerous to our health. If we lived in these zones over a long period of time it could cause serious illnesses. It’s well known that it’s not advisable to stay above underground water veins for a long period of time, to place our bed or desk there. A disturbance zone similar to water veins can result from floor heating where warm water circulates through pipes under the floor, also high-powered electrical transformers or high-voltage, long-distance transmission lines can cause irritation. We call this electric smog. The device in itself is not capable of identifying these places, but our bioenergy level will decrease (if we’re sensitive to this) in these places. So it’s worth trying your VQ level near to your bed or working place. You might measure much lower levels in these small areas than the average. It’s well worth trying to find out about harmful zones like these in our workplace or home. Unfortunately, we can’t block these zones, as for now, so it’s best to just avoid them.

Water structure

Not widely known, but a very important factor in our vitality may be the structure of the water we drink. It’s thought of as a simple matter without any shape, or structure. The truth is completely different, because water has a definite structure. The hydrogen molecules form a weak bound with each other and because of this they make smaller or bigger regular groups. Depending on the level of this organization the physical characteristics of the water will vary at a measurable extent. For example, the electrical conduction, surface tension, viscosity and dielectric constant will become measurably different even when the temperature and density seem to be the same, if we prepare water in different ways. For example, if we heat melted ice slowly to room temperature we’ll receive a well organized and evenly structured water where many water molecules are connected to each other. This structure is very similar to the way water can be found in plants or other healthy living organs. We will receive a completely different, irregular structure of water when, for example, we heat water for a long period of time in a microwave oven and then cool it down to room temperature. In this case the physical parameters of the water will be measurably different from the ones we mentioned earlier. It’s interesting that the nuclear spin of the two hydrogen atoms in the water molecule also play a role in the structure. It is useful when the rotation direction of both protons are the same, on the other hand it seems to be harmful if the rotation direction of the two hydrogen nucleus are opposite of each other in a water molecule.

The structure of our drinking water definitely effects our vitality level. Nowadays, several electric or magnetic water-treating methods are developed by which, for example, the growth rate of plants can be increased dramatically. With these methods we can receive a better and healthier water structure.

One of the biggest advantages of eating raw fruits is that besides receiving vitamins and trace elements we are getting a properly organized water structure, that will build into our organism much more easily. It may not be accidental that we find disordered water structures of completely different physical characteristics in cancerous lumps, and regular structures in the healthy tissues. This is why we can try an instrument which can restructure water with magnetic method. If we can’t buy such an instrument, then we should eat as much fruit as possible. It’s good to know that raw fruits and vegetables are a lot healthier than the tinned ones.

If we try the above methods we can increase our vitality level. The biggest improvement will occur where we manage to solve our most urgent problems. If someone has got a low vitality level because of trace element deficiency, then the vitality level may increase substantially by taking trace element supplements. In other cases it might increase by having the proper body posture or natural sleeping rhythm. Unfortunately, there isn’t an all-in-one recipe for everyone, because everyone is different and lives in different environments so each individual should find the best suited diet and lifestyle that help him/her to reach the highest vitality level, the best health, and maximum competitiveness. It’s worth taking care of our bodies because illnesses can be prevented this way and this is much cheaper than curing an ill organism.

Other methods

There are other methods to increase vitality and we can combine a lot of them. Interesting effects and a reasonable increase can occur in the winter at the poor-light periods if we receive light similar to sunshine in the right quantity, but color and aroma therapy can also affect favorably our mood. Our favorite music can help a lot, too. It’s worth trying a foot massage of the reflex zones of the sole for it’s highly regenerating effects.

Vitality : No Maximum

What can be considered the maximum health? There isn’t an upper limit, but we can be very satisfied if we manage to go above the 200% VQ level, into the field of green LEDs because that is an overwhelmingly good result. It’s good if we’re somewhere between 100-200% and it isn’t serious if we fall below 100% for one or two weeks after having a hard time. But we have to take care of ourselves if we’re under the 50% level for a long period of time because it means reduced productivity, stamina, endurance and more or less serious illnesses might develop. Or, this could be the first sign of an illness developing. This device is for prevention, because it shows the upcoming problem, or disorder before any organic symptoms or changes occur.

Quite often we can experience days before the flu or fever would occur that our VQ level drops dramatically. After the recovery about 3-4 days are needed for our body to regenerate and the VQ level to rise nearby 100%, but to reach that or pass over it would take about one more week. On the days when your vitality level is low, don’t do any exhausting physical or mental exercises, don’t make important decisions or go on tiring drives, if possible, by this you can avoid trouble in the future.

The effects of the brain hemispheres

Usually the healthy and good situation is if we perform at roughly the same vitality level with both hands one-by-one, but this can only be reached by a few people. Most of the time we can only pass the 100% VQ level with one of the hands. With the other one, quite often, we only reach a level below average. During the tests, we experienced that the left hemisphere is more active in people who manage to get higher scores with their right hand. The left hemisphere usually does the analytical functions and here we also find the center of speech. This is why we experience lower vitality level during a conversation, as part of our energy is used to form and control our speech. Usually people who’s profession needs concentration and an analytical mind will achieve higher VQ level with their right hand, for example engineers, scientists or chess players where scrupulous and logical thinking is very important. Other people will achieve higher results with their left hand, because their right hemisphere is the more active one. The characteristics of the right hemisphere are intuitive thinking, artistic and holistic viewing. The right hemisphere is usually more developed with females. It is also characteristic to reach higher scores by using the left hand for left-handed people. It was a general experience that higher scores could be measured with the more open, friendlier and positively thinking people than with the shy pessimist ones. Our personality signs relate back to our health so it’s worth becoming more friendly and happy because these functions are also controlled somewhere in the right hemisphere.

Our experience shows that successful businessmen have got a high VQ level, very often above 200%. Both of their hemispheres are active and well balanced, so both of their hands give roughly the same value. People with strong analytical abilities like mathematicians, chess players, painters, or musicians specialized in arts can live on one well-developed hemisphere. For businessmen the intuitive skill is very important which is situated in the right hemisphere, but also the analytical skill which is typical for the left hemisphere. So they can only be successful if they use both hemispheres equally.

Usually we say that it is more healthier to develop both hemispheres of the brain, because from their cooperation and harmony great achievements and high creativity will arise. The real successful person uses intensively both of his/her hemispheres and he/she is also a good owner of his/her body.

From the viewpoint of our health, we can say it’s enough if somebody can reach a 100% VQ or somewhat greater for a few minutes with one hand. Of course, the best is if it can be achieved with both hands.

High vitality is not an aim in itself, but a means, a possibility for a fuller and healthier life.

Direction of rotation

Very few can influence the direction of the rotation of the wheel with their mind. This is an especially difficult mental activity which needs strong concentration. Many people are able to stop the wheel with their thoughts when they want and then speed it up again. Few can make the wheel rotate in different directions according to their will, even fewer can make the wheels on two devices rotate in a chosen direction with two hands separately. This skill is very seldom seen and can only be reached by long intensive mental exercises. People who have this capability and skill are in charge of moving their own energy and in principle could heal others.

In the next chapter of this booklet, we summarize the historical background of bioenergy and vitality, and where and who used it for what purposes.

Short history of the energy of life

The energy that we’re measuring as vitality has been well known for a very long time in the history of civilization and it’s very hard to find a place where it wasn’t used for healing purposes. Ethnographical researchers found traces of healing with this kind of energy among many tribes thought to be primitive in Australia, Siberia, from the Pacifics to America, and Africa. Since this energy is present in everybody, in smaller or greater quantities, and since we can pass it on to each other to some extent, it’s known to be the oldest and a very effective “medical” treatment.

It had a name in all cultures. In India it was called Prana, in China, Chi, but it’s also known by all the other old cultures. Healing with bioenergy is a wide-spread human ability. In the ancient times its importance was recognized in China and India roughly about the same time. In India, yogis worked out exercises to increase energy through meditation and breathing exercises. Even greater effects have been achieved in China by controlling and directing this energy. Acupuncture could probably be led back to this energy because in some points of our body there is more of it than in others.

During the measurements it came to the light that the greatest energy from the human body is released from areas where there are lots of acupuncture points, while less active areas are where there are only a few or none of them. We suppose that the energy making the wheel rotate is probably the same as the one spreading through the acupuncture meridians. In China, though, this energy has not been used only for healing, but also for fighting. This is the so-called “soft” martial art (Wu-Shu) where the enemy can be defeated without any physical contact, simply with an energy “shoot”. Some parts of the body can be hardened this way so one can withstand extremely strong hits. This martial art is unknown except for in China, making it quite incredible and difficult to imagine.




On this xylograph from 1591 the ruler of Scotland is leading Agnes Sampson’s and her followers’ witchcraft trial. In those days they used force, beating them to confess.


In Europe, this method of healing was known during the Roman Empire as one of the means of curing. If we open the Bible to the New Testament, all four gospels write about healing by the touch of hands. Here sometimes it is called the “Power”. Even the Bible describes this phenomenon not only as an exceptional ability of God because the apostles and their disciples also used it for healing. With the spread of the Christian belief, all Europe found out about this energy, but during the Middle Ages it all changed taking a reversed course. People who had much more energy, for some reason or another, than the average were regarded sometimes as witches. And witchcraft was a punishable crime during the inquisition. Two things could happen in this case: they were burnt to the stake, or tortured. But, in some cases the fortunate ones were declared as saints. If you read the collection about the life of the saints, you meet quite often the effects, incidents, or paranormal phenomena which for sure had been caused by this type of bioenergy.

Unfortunately, thousands of people could have died in Europe only because they had these capabilities. Not just because of high bioenergy level, did they burn at the stake, but sometimes for enviousness or for some ideological reasons. But lots of people ended up on trial for witchcraft for healing with bioenergy. While the prelates and kings were “officially” possessed with this ability (they used this method to pass their power and ability to the ones under their command), for the ordinary people it wasn’t permitted to exercise these abilities.


The accused people many times confessed, after being beaten, that they kissed Satan’s bottom on Witches’ Sabbath. Xylograph from 1626.


Nowadays, there are still a lot of remains of the pursuing and fear, even today’s natural science denies officially the occurrence of this phenomenon. At the beginning of modern times Mesmer started to deal with this method of magnetic healing again in Europe. In his case, the method of transmitting energy and hypnosis were still mixed together. Hypnosis can be effectively used to release it or to increase the power of it.

The vitality or the energy of life is present everywhere around the human body with a variable intensity. This is usually called the aura. Some people (after exercising a lot) can feel the distribution of this energy field and relying on this they can tell with more or less accuracy what illness others suffer from, simply by feeling where is this energy field weaker or stronger around the human body. By replacing, refilling the missing energy, disorders can be recovered at least for a short time and illnesses can be cured.



On this German xylograph from 1580, we can see how the dowsing rod was used in practice. The man in the middle of the picture, in the background, cuts the fresh twig. In the upper left corner, the man walking holds the Y-shaped twig in his hands, this is the position when nothing has been found. The twig in the hands of the man in the middle, suddenly turns down – meaning that something has been found. Next to this we see the digging of the search groove. Lastly, on the bottom of the picture, the examination of the findings takes place.


Relation to dowsing

It has been well known for a long time that with the help of the so-called “dowsing rod” underground water veins, veins of ore, caves, or hidden cables can be detected. Many methods are known and we can say that roughly about half of the population is sensitive to these effects at a smaller extent. Only 1-2% of us are sensitive to this in a great extent, although not everyone knows about this ability. Not much is heard about it, and only a few try it in practice. Our tests so far show (although this was only measured on a few dozen people) that only those are sensitive whose vitality values are under the average and have an illness or problem of some sort, or the ones whose vitality is well above the average. Those that are sensitive to disturbance zones stay in the red field or reach the green field on the scale. These two groups of people feel the geopatogen zones, underground water veins, and hidden cables in a different way.

Ethnographers have gathered many details not just about the healing with bioenergy or shamanism, but also about dowsing. It was necessary for many migrating tribes to know where water can be found under the ground.

It is very important from a commercial point of view that with these abilities we can detect mines and veins of ore under ground. In the middle ages and at the beginning of modern times, when geology was just a newborn science, this method was used everywhere. Even today in the Far-East, experts with these capabilities are often employed to locate the houses in such areas where harmful zones do not affect our body’s energetical balance.



On this copper xylograph from 1666 the famous Irish healer Valentin Greatrakes can be seen working. Very seldom did they show ordinary people in such a positive way, the practice of healing with energy transmission was the privilege of noblemen who possessed this ability “officially”.


Let’s see only one but a very characteristic historical example of how important a role in creating today’s modern industry this ability has played. One of the main activists in this field was a French nobleman called Jean de Chastelet, baron of Beausoleil. He was born in Brabant around 1590. Rather than joining the army as people with his background did, he chose science which he became committed to. Later he became a certified mineralogist. With the help of dowsing he detected many new mines in France, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden. This helped the mine and steel industry to develop and flourish. The baroness also assisted her husband in his work. Together they located about 150 mines in France only, some of them are still in use today.

In those days in France there was almost no mining at all and the country’s natural wealth was deep in the ground unexploited. Later, in her diary the baroness could say well justified that she was doing a great service to France, just like the one Jeanne D’Arc did before.

The couple spent 300 thousand livres, all of their fortune to their researches, which was a large sum of money in those days. Of course, a large number of servants always assisted them during their expensive journeys. Besides this they also employed fifty German and ten Hungarian miners to make the diggings. The couple got nothing in return for all the money and effort they invested. Profits were made when the mines were in full production, but they “only” opened them up. Of course, they would have enjoyed seeing some financial benefits in return, but this did not happen. When they were running out of money, they turned to the government with several requests and notes, all in vain.



On this xylograph from 1837 the British ruler Charles II practices “official” healing. Also the French ruler was obliged to do healing, prescribed by the court etiquette, on some ceremonies. Healing by common people was prohibited or impeded as long as “official” healing did not fade away from the court etiquette.


With government officials and noblemen it was never the country’s interest that came first but their own selfish greed and interest which dictated politicians and the law in those days. Some bureaucrats saw the chance to get money for themselves. Having the law and power on their side, it was not difficult to do so with official support. The couple was simply accused of practicing witchcraft and serving the devil. The cardinal Richelieu had some sense and saw straight through their allegations. He knew that the accused couple was innocent, but of course the accusers had great power, so the cardinal did not want any trouble for himself. Nobody had a word in favor of the poor and lonely scientific couple, although they gave France tremendous wealth. The cardinal Richelieu did not bring the couple to trial as to make it easier for his own conscience, because if the court had convicted the baron and his wife of witchcraft, it would have been punished by being burnt to the stake. Without any trial and conviction he sent them into prison. The baron ended up in the Bastille and the baroness was put behind bars in Vincennes State Prison. The poor couple had been working with dowsing for forty years and at the end they lost their wealth and freedom, their life was ruined. They were not only separated from each other but from their children, too. One of their sons visited the baron in the Bastille and for this he was also locked up. It’s not known where the other four children were. The prison was too harsh for the baroness so she died in the year following 1642 when she was imprisoned. The baron could withstand the prison conditions for three more years when he also died. This is an example of the stupidity and ungratefulness of man.



Leading scientific personalities tried many times to understand and to explain these extraordinary phenomena, and to find a way to measure them. The French Arago was the first to brake way in this study. He examined a French girl, Angelique Cotlin’s unusual abilities in February, 1846. She was able to move different objects such as chairs and pieces of furniture. Arago found that this energy was similar to electric energy in many ways, but it was still something else, it had unusual features.



In the case of a number of people, it has been written that besides their healing abilities they are also able to find hidden objects. The most interesting example of this is the Portuguese Donna Pedegache. When she was a child she knew when a woman was carrying a baby well before the first signs of pregnancy occurred. Also as an adult she could tell exactly where objects were hidden under the ground. One day she was on her way in Portugal when she stopped the coach and told that there was an antique treasure, some kind of a well-decorated basin, thirty feet below the ground. The crown was told and when they came out to investigate the basin was really found.

As you can see vitality above a certain level may sometimes have strange accompanying phenomena that can be used in practice.



During the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century a very well-known pastime was table-tipping. Tens of thousands experienced the existence of the phenomenon but very few were deeply involved in its physics. Many misunderstandings, deceptions and half-truth belongs to this phenomenon.



Another group of people having a very high level of vitality is the one in whose vicinity objects start to move without touching them or electrical equipment disorders occur. This phenomenon is called psycho kinesis. The vitality meter itself works with the help of psycho kinesis: we move a small object, the wheel of the device this way, by our thoughts. This light-weight wheel can be rotated by almost everyone, but of course moving bigger objects this way can only be done by very few people with high vitality level. This is the reason why modern science has not yet accepted the possibility of this phenomenon. During the second half of the last century many talented scientists have examined this subject, so quite a few records are available. As these phenomena are strange and extraordinary and without people having exceptional qualities and abilities it is very difficult to repeat these experiments, science did not accept these experiences, so today it is very difficult to get hold of the old records or it’s just impossible.

The first scientist examining this subject extremely close and in all sides was the Swiss De Gasparin, then the English Crookes who later became the president of the Royal Society. He did his experiments with the young Scotsman, D. D. Home. These experiments were on moving objects with the power of thoughts, but sometimes they observed white and blue light rays around Mr. Home when he was in a dark room. They could notice and hear noises, steps and tumbling, or feel cool breeze.

Later, electrical experiments were carried out by others. For example, the Polish professor Ochorowitz experimented with a woman called S. Tomczyk. They noticed that some objects like balls started to rotate and continued to move even when they were almost completely covered by a bell glass or something similar. But when it was fully covered by the glass, the rotation stopped. In these cases, a great friction had to be overcome and unfortunately scientists at that time did not improve this experiment technically so as to be able to measure abilities in ordinary people, not just the ones with exceptional capabilities. They were satisfied with experiments carried out with a few extraordinary psychic men and did not care about these kinds of abilities in the ordinary people. Although Crookes had this in his mind for a while, he gave up this line of research.

It is worth mentioning that also the scientific couple, the Curie’s went into the research of this phenomenon. They carried out a number of experiments but because of the difficulties they began to study another phenomenon thought to be slightly easier to do research on and to a more stable one – radioactivity.

The German baron Schrenck-Notzing carried out most of the research on electronic effects. He noticed that this energy changed the electric resistance and magnetic characteristics of objects. These effects have been measured again after decades, e. g. recently with the help of the subject Nina Kulagina, a Russian woman from Leningrad. Pictures taken while experimenting show that Kulagina could rotate quite big objects, compasses, together with their cover. But also in her case no attampt was made to develop and refine experiments so as that to be able to detect minor effects. They were satisfied with the study of the effects of moving things with the simple objects being at hand, and did not attempt to understand the phenomenon precisely and extensively.

Many of us must be asking the question: “What makes this small wheel rotate?” We have already answered the question of what factors influence the velocity of rotation, but it is also interesting and important to know what the real effect is that causes this rotation. The next chapter will summarize the state of this question.

Still the brain makes thing move …

The phenomenon of moving or rotating objects with the power of thoughts cannot be found in physics textbooks or journals. Some scientists think that this phenomenon can be reduced to physical effects already known. Generally, they suspect it to be thermal movement. But, intensive exact studies, and control experiments have undoubtedly proved that this phenomenon cannot be caused by magnetic, electric or heat effects. This is quite clear in the cases when someone has a VQ value over 200%, because the phenomenon occurs even if the hand is covered with a glove.

The vitality meter will be produced also in a more complicated, more sensitive version, more suitable for medical use. This device will be able to detect this effect even from a distance of about 1.5 – 2 meters, even if somebody just concentrates and stares at it. In this case, there is no question of thermal effect, it is clearly some other kind of an interaction. But what can this interaction be?

Clearly the interactions such as electromagnetism or gravitation cannot cause this phenomenon in their form thought to be scientifically known today. Moreover, if something cannot be described in terms of known interactions, then it does not exist – at least this is what some of us think. But nature does not function this way. It’s not a smaller or bigger group of scientists who decides what can be and what cannot. In nature everything is natural, even things that might seem unnatural to the human mind. Don’t forget for a moment, that we are dealing with with the most complicated organization of matter. We investigate an interesting function of the human mind and not only for the sake of curiosity. The human mind has many unknown and undiscovered functions, so it’s not a surprise if we meet with old unsolved problems and ancient secrets in this field.

One of the brain’s most fantastic features has been known for some time in the literature of medical science, i. e. there are people among us with average or more than average intelligence in spite of having hardly any brain tissue. (R. Levin: Is Your Brain Really Necessary?, Science Vol. 210, pp 1232-1234, 1980.) Average people have a brain that weights about 3 lbs. These exceptional men or women have merely some decagrams of it, the remaining volume of their skull is filled with spinal liquid.

In these people, there are no traces of the brain structure, that can be found in others. In principle, “creatures” like these could not exist, but nature “knows” more than the scientists studying it. To understand this phenomenon a few decisive steps must be taken in the research of nature, but even then we shall not understand completely the functions of the mind.

It is not completely clear yet if the rotation itself is the basic effect or it is just a side effect of a much deeper, more fundamental phenomenon. Around electric wires magnetic fields occur, or the wires produce light when heated. All these are just side effects of the real phenomenon of electric conduction. Experiments have shown, so far, that if there is a large amount of bioenergy coming out of somebody, other side effects can occur. For example, the electric conductance and magnetic characteristics of objects may change, or a photochemical reaction can take place. A drastic change can take place in the optical features of the objects, also the same can happen with their structure and solidity.

What we are trying to say is that the rotation is not the main effect but a side effect. As we noticed, when electricity heats up an electric wire, the heat tells us the amount of electricity passing through, but the heat itself is not the reason for the origin of electric current. By just examining the wires heat we will not understand the essence of electric current. For this reason, we must search more deeply into the subject to find out the real cause. But right now, there is no reason why we should go so deep into the subject, because this is only a booklet of instructions. In a few years’ time it may be possible to bring this type of energy to life artificially, so do not think that it is hopeless to understand this phenomenon.

The research must be continued and the solution should be found somewhere in the structure of time and space. Nowadays, people think that the world is practically empty around us, in other words, if from a given volume of space we take away the matter, e. g. we suck out the air and cool this volume down to a very low temperature, then we shall get an empty space there. The physical reality is completely different. What we would say is nothing, a vacuum, is really a very dense substance consisting of a great amount of energy. In the past, it was called ether then physics forgot all about it for a long time and now it returns through the “back door” as vacuum energy. Now this vacuum can be excited in many ways. Just the presence of electric charges or their movement can excite it, these produce electromagnetic fields. Also, the presence of mass excites it, and it could be due to this that a gravitational field appears. Also, the rotation of electrons, magnetism, or the organised movements in living beings can excite vacuum. When excited, the vacuum can bring about a number of changes that were unknown up until now or we were unable to describe them with our present knowledge, but we have all the hope that we shall be able to do this in the near future.

The possibility of exciting the vacuum with rotation was first talked about by Einstein’s research fellow, the French Cartan. But it’s only nowadays that science is going deeper into this subject. The history of science was always like this. There were constantly new discoveries in nature that science could not explain. It’s no surprise that nature shows its true wealth at the most complicated structure of matter, at the functions of the human mind, and it’s here where we still meet many unknown phenomena. This strange substance, the vacuum can be excited not only with interactions, but also with some kind of geometrical forms. It may not be by chance that pyramids played a great role in the history of many people. These monuments are not just cultic buildings but they trigger interesting unknown biological and physical effects. There are geometrical forms at some Christian churches that may also trigger positive effects. Science does not know these phenomena, it does not even recognize them. For their revelation, not much effort has been made. Although, primitive measurements on the pyramids show that there are very important physical and biological changes taking place above and below the top of them. These are connected with the different excitations of the vacuum. This super dense and super fluid, but in some cases elastic vacuum, can be brought into oscillation in many different ways. If this takes place then all the unusual phenomena happens. The examination of this substance is being left to the science of the future, to the so-called space technology.

This small device is unique, the first one of its kind, mass-produced so that a wide range of people can have the possibility of buying and using it regularly. Of course, we cannot consider pyramids as consumer goods, they were built for exceptional people. From the vacuum, by its excitation, we get a special particle which I assume to be the bearer of vitality. Many signs show that the magnetic monopoles, or magnetic current, are responsible for these strange phenomena. Researchers agree that magnetic monopoles should exist. Paul M. Dirac was the first one to predict this about fifty years ago and since then scientists have been looking for them. They were first found in 1820, but then were forgotten. Then Felix Ehrenhaft, an Austrian scientist did pioneering work in this field. He was the man who worked out the measurement of the electron charge. But in the history of science, it was the American, Millikan, who received the reward. His name was not forgotten, unlike his colleague’s.

From the 40’s onwards Ehrenhaft published about one hundred articles in qualified journals stating his experimental results, but it was all in vain, his contemporaries did not seem to be interested in his findings.

The Russian, V. F. Mihailov, repeated Ehrenhaft’s measurements more effectively and precisely but his contemporary scientists did not know his work either. In theory, lots of features of the magnetic monopoles are known. For example, all materials conduct it, it changes the electric, magnetic and solidity characteristics of objects. The magnetic current brings about the same changes as observed in the case of paranormal phenomena. If we could produce more magnetic monopoles and magnetic current with Ehrenhaft’s method, a lot of unusual and interesting phenomena would become usual and normal. The bioenergy, the vitality, and other unusual things would become clearer to us.

As you can see the vitality meter is more than just a toy, it’s a warning sign. It shows that there are still many things unknown to natural science.

I should like to tell you about the history of this device in the next chapter, just to show that for even a little success you must work extremely hard, and occasionally you need chance and luck.

The story of the vitality meter

This device should have been developed at least one hundred years ago, even if not in this electronic form. Everything was available at that time to do so and to know this phenomenon well. Naturally, it did not happen and many other things went about the same course. For example, the liquid crystals have been forgotten for over eighty years, as was penicillin for ten years.

It was by chance that I started to work in this field of strange phenomena. I graduated as a mechanical engineer specializing in heat engines, at the Technical University of Budapest. I had studied energy transfer for years. Then I started to do research on energy transfer problems and hypothetical accidents of nuclear power plants in a research laboratory of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. There are many complex energy and momentum transfer processes to be studied here, so researchers must know the characteristics of the movements and transfer of all kinds of energy. I later received a Ph.D. degree in this subject. With a proper research carrier in front of me, I won a scholarship to the International Atomic Energy Agency at the beginning of the 1980’s. I then worked in the Brookhaven National Laboratory, in the United States, for one and a half years.

It happened there, during an evening chat, that the subject of paranormal phenomena came up. Like every scientists I only believed in facts that my own eyes could see or that were written in scientific records. I did not believe in the so-called paranormal phenomena. I said that it was just a hallucination. I was surprised when my wife, who was a newly graduated mathematician and was just writing her Ph. D. thesis, told me that she saw a table tipping during her years at the university. Her fellow students had tried it several times at a student’s hostel. She claimed that nobody was cheating, the phenomenon seemed to be real. So I had the choice not to believe my wife or not to accept the laws of natural science. I was not sure which one to choose. I was a bit confused because both choices would have painful and unpleasant consequences in the long run. Still I could not accept the existence of heretic things like those. My colleague H. Bruce Stewart, an American mathematician said something really important once: “A real scientist should never reject something till he is one hundred per cent sure that the subject in question is true or false. He personally has to take the trouble of objectively controlling the facts, doing scientific experiments, collecting data.”

As most scientists I also refused to accept the existence of paranormal phenomena, although I considered myself to be open-minded. Probably due to the fact that at the university you were pressurized into not believing in things like these. Being confused and wanting to find out the truth I started to do some research by collecting experimental data, and descriptions of observations available in this subject. I thought I would find numerous contradictions among them, so I could reject the existence of these phenomena without bad feelings. To my surprise I found out that experimental data and observations of the different phenomena from different times and places were the same or similar to each other, researchers and collectors of experiences met the same phenomena in similar circumstances and came to the same conclusions, although they did not know about each other’s work. This captured my interest, I began to think that there must be some truth behind this. The data proved that the phenomenon could be true. But of course, if there was a phenomenon like this then there is now and there will be in the future, too. So, I have worked out a simple model on the basis of the collected observations to make things more understandable. According to this model this energy is very similar to electricity, but of course, it is not at all the same. There are many fundamental differences between electricity and this energy. All materials conduct this energy while from the viewpoint of electricity some materials are good conductors and others are insulators. That’s why a glass or a plastic bell functions as a Faraday cage, i.e. if we place the objects under a closed bell of any material, it is extremely difficult to make them move, because all of our energy flows on the surface of the bell, it can not get inside.

From this simple model, I constructed an experiment that no one has ever done before. I discovered that a rotating movement in liquid would cut down friction, thus smaller power would be needed to move something. Naturally financial concerns also played a role in designing this experiment, it had to be inexpensive enough to carry out with many people. The simplest experiment to do was with a cup of water and a shallow dish. According to my simplified physical model, I thought that if I filled the dish with water it would start to rotate as we put one of our hands around it. I placed small objects, or thin aluminum foils on the surface of the water that would show its movement. It worked, the water rotated. But being uncertain if it was due to the heat radiating from my hand, I put on gloves, first a thin one then thicker ones, which would considerably reduce any heat transmission. Being an expert in the field of heat transfer I knew this could be caused by heat transmission, but this way there was almost no temperature difference between the surface of the glove and the air. The experiment was perfect, the water rotated without the possibility of any heat transmission.

In the mid-80’s I started an intensive research and tried out this energy flow measurement on dozens of friends with more or less success. Most of them were able to rotate the water. The speed of the rotation depended on how tired or fit they were and how much they could or could not concentrate. The temperature and size of their hand did not influence the speed considerably. Then I made hundreds of control experiments with hand-shaped metal tanks. I could fill them with warm water and see if these warm tanks placed around the dish could make the fluid move. With these hand-shaped tanks, I could only experience an angular speed at most 10% of the good results with men. Even if the temperature of the water inside the tank reached 113 F, the body temperature of 113 F is not possible. The temperature on the surface of the hand is very seldom more than 95 F but usually it is around 90 F. So, the effect of heat transfer could be excluded.

Later on, I designed an even more exact experiment. I placed very thin platinum wires above each other in a small glass dish then led short electric impulses through them. In this case, I used a special liquid instead of pure water, a colorless compound that turns brown when electricity flows through it. Due to the electric impulses led through the platinum wires, the water turned brown around the wires. When the liquid started to rotate the colored parts of the water moved away from the wires showing us the exact movement inside the liquid. The evaluation of the results showed that this phenomenon could not have been caused by wind or heat. I also discovered something else which science does not have an answer for. The resistance of the liquid suddenly changed when the rotation took place. This was always a decrease in the resistance which could not be explained with known effects. Here is gap in modern day science.

These few measurements were not enough for me to be all sure, I needed more. I made glass boxes and put the dish with the liquid inside so that wind could not effect my findings. I made experiments in several high schools and also shot films on it with about 500 students. It could be seen that the liquid rotated very fast with one third of the students, another third of them could rotate it with a speed of only 2 to 3 times of the speed that could be the error limit of the measurement. And with the last third it did not rotate at all, or just inside the error limit.

Experiments with more people showed that the ones who could once rotate the water exceptionally well, after a weather front or when worries and problems affected them, could not move it at all. When their problems were solved or the front passed, they could rotate the water again. Good weather conditions, sunshine, and good moods made the rotation quicker. The device showed, in a way, how they felt and how their general state of health was. It was an interesting experience, after the rain and clouds passed by and the sun began to shine, everybody’s moods changed for the better and it showed immediately in the results. Although, in such a short time the temperature and humidity of the air, or the temperature of the hands, could not change at a measurable extent. This proved clearly that there is something in the human mind that basically effects the results.

After all these experiments the real nature and cause of the rotation still remained a puzzle, I just could not decide what kind of an energy transfer might be the reason for it. I made calculations, but for the liquid to reach an angular speed of one revolution per minute, which is a good result, it would have to be very salty. The magnetic field would have to be a hundred times stronger than that of the Earth, or the person must have submerged his/her hand in the water, and a direct current of lethal power would have had to flow between his/her fingers. But, none of these four conditions were met during experiments. So, to find the answer to this problem some hypothesis had to be drawn about things unknown so far.

I have shown this phenomenon to a number of fellow physicist. All of them had some ideas, but the control experiments proved that none of the known interactions can explain the fact of this rotation. So, the question remained unanswered, while the phenomenon continued to exist. To find the answer I needed to change course and do the experiments officially with a larger backing. I did not have the financial support or the equipment to continue to try and solve the unknown. I turned to my director who sent me to an old friend of his, an academician who had been advanced to biophysicist from a nuclear physicist at about that time. I trusted that the documented results of the 500 experiments on films, videos and photos, the numerous control experiments, and the experimental disproving of the arguments of opponents would be enough to get the permission to continue the experiments. But, he was not interested in my results, after two minutes he ordered me to stop doing this work at once and to do something else that earns good money and not to show my work and findings to anyone, which had already been published as a research report. (G. Egely: Experimental Investigation of Biologically Induced Energy Transport Anomalies, KFKI report, 1986-94/K) His opinion was in short: “I don’t believe this even if I see it with my own eyes, this phenomenon does not exist because it can not, and it cannot exist because it does not.”

With suppressing the research report, thus suppressing the existence of the phenomenon, of course, it was extremely difficult to continue to work, but I did not give up because my scientific curiosity did not allow me to do so. This phenomenon cannot be researched, officially, even today. I also got all the punishment a scientist could get because of my “oppositional” behavior.

As basic research is very expensive, I tried to find another way that I could utilize it in practice. I assumed that there would be a businessman interested in sponsoring this kind of research. I ceased doing experiments with liquids as these were difficult and troublesome to carry out and needed to be highly precise. I went into the study of the rotation of solid objects, which is more simple and easier to do. My friends and good acquaintances helped me because I just could not have tried the hundreds of different wheels and bearings all by myself. After many years of experimenting starting from the first awkward primitive model finally I made the device that you are holding in your hands today.

All new bearings, shapes for the wheel, and materials had to be tested with at least a hundred people to see if it was better than the other one, and to find out what changes needed to be made. In addition, I was successful in making a much more sensitive device, where the wheel does not touch anything, but simply floats in the air. But, this version of the device is quite expensive, so it will be used as a medical equipment. (In short distances, though, right next to you, your own portable device has the same sensitivity.)

I handed in my patent application in 1989. It is still present in a few offices causing a headache for office men. One of them refused to grant a patent in the first run saying that this device has been already known as a compass. He was not especially disturbed by the fact that the wheel was made of plastic and it did not contain any ferromagnetic material.

Other researchers and inventors have also met this phenomenon but they thought it was thermal movement or other known phenomena were behind it. Not an original one in itself, undiscovered and unexplained so far. Because this effect is very weak, and extremely difficult to separate from other environmental effects, people who do not know the laws of energy and heat transfer might think it to be a simple heat flow phenomenon. But for me, being a researcher specialized in the field of energy transfer, seemingly slight differences of theoretical importance have shown undoubtedly that this was something new for science. Only a few experts are interested in biological anomalies, so it’s not by chance that nobody studied this phenomenon. Although, about one hundred year ago already everything was there to start the research in this field, but this did not happen mainly because of prejudices.

I’ve tried to understand the physics of the phenomenon as deeply as I could. From the beginning I was curious about what would happen if the wheel rotated around a horizontal shaft instead of a vertical one. After three years of trial and error, I succeeded in solving this problem with magnetic floating. This device had a horizontal shaft with minor friction, still nobody could rotate it, although it had the same fine magnetic bearing as the vertical one.

This device represents modern high technology. Declaring this, I do not only mean the miniature computer built in the device, as this phenomenon still occurs without electronics. But, high technology is also present in the needle of the bearing. Because there is such great pressure at the top of the steel needle, the needle top melts and the wheel rotates on this melted steel. In spite of the simplicity at first glance, many technical problems had to be solved and we succeeded in solving them. All I wanted was to prove to as many people as possible how important the energy of life, or our vitality is. This is mans greatest treasure, the pawn of our health. So take care of it, save it, and appreciate it. The power can be with us.


From thousands of tests a lot of experience was gained. It is important that this ability improves. With exercises, meditation techniques and by changing our lifestyles, within a short time it is possible to increase it considerably. It’s a pity that children in schools do not get to know these relaxation and meditation methods. Today’s school teaches children to develop their physical abilities, lexical knowledge, or combinational skills, but they hear nothing about other valuable functions of their minds. Though these are as important in life as the above-mentioned abilities. It’s true, though, that even among adults there are only a few who know about these possibilities. Luck or experience teaches them by chance.

Many experiments carried out in large groups have shown that personality signs are important. Extrovert, positive thinking, active, leading-type students had much higher vitality levels, and could maintain this level for a longer period than their quiet, restrained, silent, negative thinking, shy classmates. Experience showed the interesting fact that good-looking teenage girls were influenced by their beauty. Probably, they got more encouragement, or positive signs than their less lucky mates, so they had higher scores.

In a strange way, vitality did not strongly depend on grades. Although students with good grades had vitality values generally above the average and this tended to be even higher if they were playing sports, the most outstanding results were achieved not by the good pupils.

As I said we have carried out tests on thousands of people, although we have made written records in only about 1100 cases. Our unanimous experience was that seriously ill people could barely rotate the wheel (even if they had high fever – showing that it’s not the heat radiating from their hand that moves the wheel), while healers or successful businessmen had a high revolution number, and there were no exceptions to this: no sick person could reach a high revolution number, if they could make it move at all; while vibrant personalities who were in good shape always had a high revolution number. Many-many experiences, and many thousands of measurements finally convinced me that this is an original phenomenon in itself and not some kind of an accidental coincidence.

I experienced the highest vitality values, above 100%, with students who could not always fit in with the tight school regulations, but showed great interest towards the different forms of meditations and had close relation to their friends, took care of them, and had charisma. If they were a few meters from the one who just measured, the results were definitely better. To tell the truth, they could also make it worse if I asked them to do so. In this case, the vitality value of the one measuring himself/herself decreased to a great extent. To produce this result they did not have to touch the other person, it was enough to use their willpower. This was again an important reason for me to accept the reality of this phenomenon. It showed also that many people have known and all of us used this energy, even without knowing it, for a long time, still it has remained unexplained. We have also tried to see if two, three or more people together could reach a higher score than separately, i.e. if their vitality sums up. To some extent the resulting vitality level was really higher, but not significantly. As if discharged batteries were connected parallel. In some cases two or three people together reached a lower level of vitality than separately, when they did not know or did not like each other. Interpersonal relation, the mere fact of somebody standing beside or behind us, may influence results considerably.

At the end, just for the sake of curiosity, let me mention that the highest score was reached by Erno Rubik, inventor of Rubik’s Cube with a former version of this device, which had a scale also above 24 revolutions per minute. His best result was 35 revolutions/minute which is a VQ value of about 600%.

At last but not at least I thank all the people who, for a long time, have helped me in the experiments, in the development of the device and also I thank those who made it possible to start up the mass production of the vitality meter with their investment and advance.

George Egely, Ph.D.
Budakeszi, Hungary, 1994.
Appendix: “Close encounters” with the vitality meter

Dr. Laszlo Domjan
Physician, M.D.
Qualified Trainer of Silva’s Mind Control
I had the opportunity to try the vitality meter first in 1990. Gyuri, i. e. George Egely lent me one of the first versions of the device for a few days. It was exceptionally exciting to see how general fitness and the extent of the capability to concentrate influenced the velocity of the rotation of the wheel.

This completely developed version of the device we have now is even more reliable and it has the great advantage of light and sound indicating the level of our vitality.

There are three questions of special interest for me: I want to measure with this device how does our diet, especially fasting influence our vitality level; What is a healthy extent of doing exercises so that our vitality would be at its maximum; To what extent relaxation can increase it.

I have already had the opportunity to measure the influence of relaxation in increasing the vitality level with this final version of the device, it was completely convincing.

We did one of the most exciting experiments at the beginning of 1994. I even succeeded in surprising Gyuri and his wife, Magdi. There were about 1200 people trained with Silva’s Mind Control sitting in a big hall in Budapest. I placed the vitality meter on the stage in the middle of it and put a small radio microphone next to it. Then I stepped back about 5 meters from the device. I asked the audience to concentrate so that the wheel of the vitality meter would start to rotate clockwise. There became such a complete silence in the hall that even the buzz of a fly could have been heard. The wheel stood still first but then it started to rotate faster and faster and faster . . . until reaching the maximum revolution number on the scale. It was rotating like a reel proving superbly that this rotation is not a consequence of some thermal interactions but, indeed, the sign of the extent of something inside all of us that , if there is no better word for it, can be called “life energy”.

May 30, 1994.

Katalin Hogye
In 1987 I was a member of an art delegation in Moscow. Among all the strange and interesting excitements the most peculiar thing was healing by the laying on of the hand that one of my new acquaintances practiced. He told me that I had the gift for doing the same and it was worth developing. I should go ahead and use it, it would be a shame to turn my back on it.

I was shocked by all this. When I returned, my family and my friends did not take it seriously, nobody believed me because this subject was a taboo at that time, no such things could be heard or read about in Hungary in those days.

Gradually I started to use my ability of transferring bioenergy, I started to do healings. To my great surprise in many cases I succeeded in achieving a quick, definite recovery when I felt that it worked. But, when I did not feel anything, then, also, the “treatment” failed. My family and friends started to believe in me as more and more people experienced the success of this treatment.

I met Dr. George Egely in 1988. I talked about my experiences at a party of friends. One of them knew about his “water-rotating” experiments. – This is how it all began!

Dr. George Egely visited us and a special, interesting “work” began that cannot be compared to anything – it was playing and experimenting at the same time. My husband, Peter Rainer, an interior architect, and I enjoyed every minute of this and were happy to help Gyuri, who we became friends with. His openness really impressed us as we unfortunately knew only “square-headed”, narrow-minded technical people before. He told us a lot about the research he was doing. As we reached high scores he asked us to help him in the experimental work. His aim was to grasp bioenergy by measurements. He already had the experience on the basis of his water-rotating experiments that art-minded people usually had very good results. This was the reason he asked us to assist him in his experiments aiming to develop the vitality meter. We were extremely pleased to help him in this enjoyable and exciting project. We had to test many materials and designs until this final version took shape. I believe this device here talks for itself!

Our experience tells us that you can reach the best result if you are calm, relaxed and well-balanced. I’m a bit nervous if somebody is watching me, so it’s very difficult for me to initiate rotating if I’m not alone. But, after a few minutes, I relax and the wheel rushes.

It was a very interesting experience to make measurements together with my husband. I believe our marriage is harmonious so we did not weaken but strengthen each other’s energy flow and all the wheels we put on the table were rotating simultaneously as we sat opposite from each other having both hands around the wheels.

It was also a special experience to turn the wheel from under the table. We did this by hands, arms and legs but the funniest was trying it by the head. It’s a strange scene when I sat under the table in a cross-sitting position (the table is a beautiful, strong, pure wooden one with a thick surface manufactured by my husband), the wheel was in the middle of the table and it began to rotate when I wanted it, then it rotated faster and faster. I did not see it, my husband and Gyuri told me, it was almost unbelievable but it worked this way, too. Then I was holding the end of a few-meters-long copper wire, the other end of it was tightened around the device. Then, the stop-watch started and I tried it similar to when my hand was next to the wheel. It was a success! Within a few seconds, the copper wire lead this thing, that is called bioenergy, to the device and the wheel started to rotate.

Generally, the performance of a person is characterized by the revolution number. But, for my husband the period of time till he maintained rotation without stopping was much more interesting. Experimenting with one of the first wheels he made himself from straw, of which the bearing was still quite imperfect, he started to measure this period of time. His best result was more than an hour of non-stop rotations, as if the wheel had moved by itself. At the end he moved his hand away because it became very numb in spite of the fact that he made a couple of relaxation in the meantime.

Nowadays, healing by the laying-on-of-the-hand is exercised by many people. I can’t do it in successions. I didn’t give up my profession, I’m a ceramist. I have the experience, if I heal only a few people in a well-balanced state, then my results are not only good with them, but my energy level stays the same or even gets higher after the healing.

Dear “Egely Wheel” Owner! I wish you all the happiness in using your device! Try it in many ways, in all different situations, positions, with your hands, legs and head to make the same discoveries as we did.

Written by Katalin Hogye, Ceramist,
also in the name of Peter Rainer, Interior Architect
June 2, 1994.

Vilmos Nargang
Mechanical Engineer
George Egely showed me his device he made a few years ago. He said it could measure a person’s bioenergy level. At the start, I did not believe in it but I tried to make measurements myself. Although the phenomenon appeared clear, still I was very suspicious. After the first surprise, I tried to make some changes to make the device, that really worked, more precise. This phenomenon rose my interest step by step. For over a year, I have measured my vitality level trying a couple of additional components and even today I continue to control my state of being.

At the beginning, my answer to the phenomenon was the construction of all kinds of heat flow and transfer theories. At the end, I slowly realized that I could not give any real answers to the function of the device in terms of today’s laws of physics. To exclude heat transmission from my body, I tested the device with gloves, later I covered my hand with cloths. Then, I put a box made of plastic over the device so that I could put only my lower arm into, in order to minimize air flow. But, it did not make any difference. The device still worked correctly.

All these tests convinced me that the phenomenon was real. I continued the tests with additional parts made by George Egely, which I called the “antenna”. This made the measurements so sensitive that it could measure the energy level from a distance of about one meter. In other words, it made it possible to measure the thickness of the aura around the body.

When I had a high fever my energy level fell to almost zero. I had higher results in the afternoon and in the evening than in the morning. This was the same as with my general state since I go to bed very late and I wake up very late, too. A small amount of alcohol effected my energy level favorably. Left and right hand often showed different levels which made us think that the different performances were due to our different brain hemispheres. Even the effects of eating could be measured.

I had a shocking experience during the tests. I was completely caught up in the joy of the discovery. My feeling of success was magnified by the fact that I had an energy level over the average one, and this was appreciated in the company of others. My highest value was above 20 revolutions/minute.

Seeing my enthusiasm, my friend George Egely asked me to develop and design the vitality meter and to prepare the documentation for mass production. Lots of energy and time was spent on the design, and many tests were carried out. But, I feel that this is of minor importance, because we managed to find a nice and practical form which made the device suitable to carry out measurements among a wide range of people.

After so many trials and errors at last here it is, the machine you are holding in your hands today. With the help of this, you can make numerous interesting discoveries about your own life functions and lifestyle, that is, if you use it with patience and persistence. I do wish you a lot of success in this with all my heart.

June 7, 1994.

Gaspar Mathe
Chess Player, International Master
Programming Mathematician
I’ve known about the prototype of the vitality meter for nearly a year when I “by chance” got acquainted with George Egely personally in August, 1993.

I was eager to have the first encounter with Gyuri’s vitality meter. I would have liked to produce an outstanding result, but the great will ended in a failure. My first test showed a weak result. I found out later that strain will makes results worse rather than higher. To be able to bring out the maximum in ourselves, we need to be relaxed to some extent. I already had some experience in this field, as I regularly practice mind control techniques. Using these methods I could really obtain good results.

Later, I had the chance to test the version of the vitality meter intended to be mass produced. Touring the country for months, I had many experiences. Being with chess players many of which were grand masters, participants in the Olympic Games, and representative players, I had the opportunity to show them the device. It is interesting that they had spectacular results with their right hand but when they used their left one the results were far lower. The chess players who reached equally high results with both hands, seemed to me to be open-minded and well-balanced in other aspects of life, too.

I usually measure my level before games and now I know in advance when I can play to win and when a draw is a good result.

Our diet, breathing, and doing exercises also influences the results enormously. I think it’s important to choose a “good” spot when doing the test, because if the measuring person sits over a geopatogen zone then the result will be substantially worse than in other places.

Pay attention to yourself! Keep a diary about your daily habits, diet and other body functions, about weather, etc. Keep an eye on the long-term effect of these. We are not all alike! It seems to me that open-minded, nice, loving, caring and helpful people can rotate the wheel at a higher speed. My advice to young girls is to increase their vitality and they will become much more beautiful.

I consider it very important to do things step-by-step. Be reasonable! Don’t try to measure for more then 5-10 minutes a day. I can still recall my difficulties of climbing stairs after testing the device for two days almost non-stop.

I do sincerely hope that this device will help people to achieve the most important thing, to get to know themselves better and to be able to change.

“The clever one would like to change the world, while the wise man would like to change himself.”

June 12, 1994.

Istvan Jakab
Aqaupol Ltd.
February 1992, the Philippines, Bagio City, bright sunshine in the morning, a couple of thousand meters high above sea level, in an Asian provincial town.

We’ve tested the vitality meter on healers and we obtained very interesting results. Cheaters did not even dare to measure their energy, but the ones who believed in it obtained extraordinary results.

Here I had the chance as a man of average faculties to see what I can get out of the vitality meter. I was sitting on a small terrace, the device in front of me and Gyuri was waiting with a stop-watch in his hand. I put my hand around the wheel and waited to show some effect. I heard the noise of the children playing down on the road, the humming of a car and nothing happened with the device. Then I thought of my youngest daughter I left at home, who was two years old at that time, and I missed her a lot. I recalled her sweet smell, her silky little hands, her padded fingers, her smile, her mischievous eyes. Unbelievable! The wheel of the vitality meter started to rotate faster and faster. It was a very pleasant sensation, I let my energy flow out of my body.

Now, I thought, if it works this well then let’s continue. I began to mumble one of my favourite tunes to myself that I bought on CD the day before. It might sound unbelievable but while humming this tune (I did not blow the air, dear skeptics) the wheel of the device rotated with the same speed – or even faster. I was already at the revolution numbers 12 or 13.

The fact is that we had been traveling for two months already and I had quite a lot of rest the day before. But, in order to make the wheel move I had to concentrate on some positive thing that had to flow out of me.

Let’s go on! Let’s think of a problem left behind at home. Somebody has acted unfair towards me, he offended me … I felt for a moment, that this man filled my inside with his malice and my own bioenergy decreased to a very low level. My anger towards him made me weak. Quickly, I put this thought out of my mind and the revolution number returned to the former value.

At my maximum impulses I reached the revolution numbers 16-18, this could be the result of an average healer. That made me think. When I tested the device I always played this game in the form of question and answer. I could ask questions continuously from myself in a relaxed, neutral state and I read the answers from the speed of the wheel.

We had been home for some time, when I headed for a business talk. It was very important for me. The day before I tried to imagine the negotiation with my partner in an alpha state, but I did not know how much I was armed with vitality, how persuasive I could be for the sake of my aim. I started reasoning with myself. When the arguments were good, the wheel began to twirl madly but for the bad ones, the revolution number decreased. By the time I was ready to go, I succeeded in developing a very good strategy for my business talk. So, it was a great success. Also my partner remarked that I was in great form. That’s why we were able to come to an agreement the way I wanted to.

June 29, 1994.