Egely Wheel Vitality Meter


The Egely Wheel Vitality Meter

The Egely Wheel Vitality Meter is probably the world’s most playful serious tool for improving your everyday energy level. You can use this small, handy instrument just for fun or to obtain objective measurements of your own life energy. Without even touching it, you can measure for yourself how your personal environment, your activities and your lifestyle influence your day to day vitality level.

The Egely Wheel is very simple to use and requires no training. The key component is a 70 mm wheel that rotates on a delicate pivot fueled by your life energy. Simply remove the plastic cover and cup one of your hands around the vitality meter, surrounding it as completely as possible with your fingers and palm. The wheel will rotate as you concentrate.

The switch on the left activates the electronic indicators that show the wheel’s speed of rotation (rpm), a measure of your energy level. The two lights display the current rate of revolution and the maximum value achieved since the beginning of the measurement. The beeping sound that you hear as the wheel rotates can be used for biofeedback training or turned off.

The importance of life energy

“Life energy” has long been recognized by many cultures of the world but the physical properties of this phenomenon are still virtually unknown and unexplained. Experience show that a person’s “vitality” level influences his/her state of health. Serious illnesses may follow if a low vitality level persist for a long period of time. On the other hand, a person whose bio-energy level is much higher than the average often displays long periods of enhanced physical and mental performances and above average endurance and stamina. The Egely Wheel allows you to check, measure and increase your own vitality level. A persistent low energy level can serve as a warning that illness may be developing.

Using the Egely Wheel

As you use it, you will soon find that the Egely Wheel’s rate of revolution depends on your physical and mental state and fluctuates along with your current fitness level and ability to concentrate. If you are very tired, you can expect a low rate of revolution. As you practice, you will learn how to tune in to the mental state which produces your maximum rate of revolution. This maximum value is the key. It is attained when your mind is in a relatively narrow range between complete relaxation and intense concentration. The easiest way to reach this state of mind, which is similar to a state of meditation, is to listen to your favorite music, imagine doing something you enjoy, or recall happy memories. Your body functions best in this mental state, and the reading is least prone to interference.

You should test both hands separately, and expect different rates for each. The wheel will also change directions as you change hands. With practice you can learn to direct the energy flowing from your body to change the direction of rotation at will.

The Egely Wheel rates your “vitality quotient” or VQ from 0 to 400%. This is a relative value, comparing your measurement to an average of tests conducted on more than a thousand subjects ranging in age from 14 to 60. The average rpm of 6 is equal to a VQ of 100%. Unlike your intelligence quotient, your vitality quotient will differ greatly at different times. Tiredness or nervousness can result in reduced speeds. Other factors also influence your mood and state of mind – and your VQ level. An oncoming illness, weather fronts, cold or high temperatures can all cause your vitality level to be notably reduced. When these influencing factors change, your level should rise back up to normal. Significant variations occur from person to person depending on your build, mentality and lifestyle, so it is necessary to establish your own norm.

If your VQ level has been below 100% for a few weeks, this may not be cause for concern. However, it does give you a warning and an opportunity to work on improving your health and fitness.

The Egely Wheel is normally only able to detect vitality at a short range. However, the VQ level of people with rare ability can be detected even at a distance of hundreds of millimeters. These exceptional individuals, who represent only a small proportion of the population, are able to rotate the wheel simply by pointing their fingers and “shooting” energy at it.

Another interesting vitality measurement is how long a particular level can be sustained. Some people can reach a very high score but then tire quickly and cannot maintain it. Others are able to maintain a medium or high rate of revolution for a long time – even half an hour. While it may be interesting occasionally, we do not recommend that you take prolonged measurements frequently as this drains energy.

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